Kiddush Guide

Thank you for hosting or thinking about hosting a kiddush at Shtibl! Everyone is invited to sponsor a kiddush for any occasion, and we hope this guide will help you make it successful. If you have any questions, contact Aviva Bernat at Good luck!

Shtibl Kashrut Policy

All kiddushes are vegetarian and must have hechshered store-bought food or hechshered food (or fresh fruits and vegetables) prepared in a kosher kitchen. If you choose to sponsor a kiddush, please make sure that at least one item on the table is either a hechshered store-bought food item or fresh, uncut fruit or vegetables. Otherwise, the menu is up to you.

Kiddush Logistics

When preparing to bring food for a kiddush, please remember to make sure that you include wine or grape juice on your list. Usually about 20 people stick around for kiddush, although that number can vary. Please remember this is a light snack along the lines of some cookies, crackers, Israeli dips and maybe some cut veggies or fruit. For more suggestions, see below.

If you would like to drop off some food at the Workmen’s Circle and don’t already have a key, contact Aviva Bernat at If you leave food, label it clearly so that it doesn’t accidentally get eaten before kiddush.

There is a small fridge in the kitchenette that is for Shtibl use; otherwise, you can leave food in the backroom upon your arrival. We have metal cups for the wine and grape juice, but please bring plates, bowls, napkins, and cutlery as well.

It is helpful to start preparing kiddush sometime after the Musaf Amidah. (Please don’t set up before then as it becomes too tempting for the kids.) Usually there are a whole cadre of people hanging out in the back room who are happy to help set up. You can find the pink bowls, purple platters and other serving goods in or near the yellow cabinet in the accordion storage area. As kiddush host, you have the honor of leading kiddush or asking someone else to lead us. It is also your responsibility to clean up kiddush and take any opened food home. The Workmen’s Circle prefers that we don’t keep open food in the storage cabinet as it attracts bugs. It is best to keep kiddush to about 20 minutes max and then start cleaning up so that whoever closes up can get to their lunch.

Kiddush Theme Ideas

Here are some theme ideas for adding flair to your kiddush:

  • Middle eastern (chumus, olives, baklava…)
  • Mexican (chips, salsa, guacamole)
  • Kids’ favorites (orange soda, Oreos, fruit roll-ups)
  • Go healthy (crudités, fruits, nuts)
  • Just desserts
  • Your favorite foods
  • Chocolate-dipped fruits
  • Ice-cream
  • Sushi