Joining: Belonging and Contributing

We are so glad that you are considering or have decided to join us at Shtibl. We know that it is not an easy thing to find a spiritual community that feels like the right fit; if Shtibl feels like it might be the right place for you, please come in and make yourself at home!

The Shtibl Minyan is an entirely lay-led religious community. Our members plan and execute every service, every educational activity, and every social justice event. All of us bring different skills and talents, with the common aim of building and maintaining a sacred community.

In most American synagogues, individuals become members by paying dues. At Shtibl, however, individuals join by contributing their time and talents.

If you are ready to become a member at Shtibl, please complete this form, which will give us some information about you and add you to the members list. If you’re not quite ready to join, and want to be kept in the loop, you can sign up to be on our community list and we also encourage you to like us on Facebook as well.  For a little more


Members view Shtibl as a primary prayer community. They are interested in being a part of decision-making at members’ meetings. They attend davening fairly regularly and make regular contributions to support the viability of the community and its activities. The responsibilities of members are:

  • Contributing their time or talent to Shtibl (from the list below) 2–3 times per month on average
  • Attending members’ meetings
  • Committing to performing at least one “leadership-level” activity per year (such as coordinating a holiday or event)

Associate Members

Associate members are interested in being a part of the Shtibl community, but are not prepared to make the commitment to full membership. This may be the membership level for people that are affiliated with other congregations, or who are new to the community and are still checking it out. They are invited to attend and contribute at members’ meetings but do not vote. Associate members contribute their time or talent to Shtibl (from the list below) 4–6 times per year.

How to Contribute Time or Talent to Shtibl

  • Lead davening
  • Read Torah or Haftarah
  • Serve as gabbai rishon or gabbai sheni
  • Attend davening at 9:15AM
  • Teach at a learning event
  • Sponsor Kiddush
  • Host a potluck or members’ meeting
  • Set up for services or another event
  • Host people for Shabbat meals
  • Clean up and lock up after services or another event
  • Attend a Shtibl learning event
  • Give a drash

Financial Contributions

As a community, we primarily value our members’ contributions to making our services and activities happen, rather than simply paying dues. Money is never a barrier to membership in the Shtibl Minyan. However, we do need financial support to remain viable. Please consider making a financial contribution, commensurate with your ability, to support the Shtibl’s continued existence. Contributions of all sizes are welcome and greatly appreciated.