Dates and Times

The Shtibl Minyan meets on the first and third Shabbat. Davening begins at 9:15 AM, starting with Pesukei D’Zimra, and Shaharit begins around 9:45 AM. Davening usually ends between noon and 12:30—and Kiddush follows immediately after. Please join our mailing list or email coordinators@shtibl.com to stay updated on our weeks and locations.

The Shtibl Minyan also meets on most Jewish holidays. See the home page for information about upcoming events and meeting dates.

ShtiK (Shtibl Kids) Program

We operate ShtiK (Shtibl Kids)–a program for 5–10-year-olds that meets on most Shabbatot throughout davening. For more information, contact Lisa Aziz-Zadeh and Dmitry Kmelnitsky, the ShtiK coordinators, at shtik@shtibl.com.

Leyning, Davening, and Drash Schedules

The Shtibl Minyan is an entirely lay-led community, and we are responsible for every part of the service—including setting up and cleaning up. We use Google spreadsheets to keep track of who does what. If you daven, leyn or drash (or want to do so in a comfortable and supportive environment), please reach out to one of the coordinators listed below. Here is the leyning schedule and the davening schedule.

  • To sign up for leyning, email Ronni Hendel-Giller at leyning@shtibl.com.
    (You may also email her if you would like to review your portion with a more experienced Torah reader.)
  • To sign up for a drash, email Avi Havivi at drash@shtibl.com.
  • To sign up for davening, email Paul Lerner at davening@shtibl.com.