About Us

Celebrating Shabbat and Holidays at the Shtibl Minyan

The Shtibl Minyan is an egalitarian Jewish community and lay-led independent minyan in Los Angeles, established in 1999. We daven together (inspired in part by the neo-hasidic movement), read and study Torah, and embrace political and social action to further justice.

We are an intimate and welcoming community and a place where “joining” is all about participating–whether that be by leading services, reading Torah, giving a d’var Torah, providing a kiddush or simply being present.

Please come daven and dance and celebrate with us. If you have questions, we’d love for you to contact us!

Independent, Egalitarian, and Inclusive

The Shtibl Minyan is entirely independent and lay-led. All of us bring different skills and talents, with the common goal of building and maintaining a sacred community. For that reason, all members may lead or participate in every aspect of our services and events, and we welcome all regardless of gender, age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or special needs. Again, we welcome you to contact us if you have additional questions.

What is a “Shtibl”?

The word “shtibl,” also spelled “shtiebel,” is Yiddish for “little room.” (It rhymes with “Weeble.”) A shtibl, in contrast to a synagogue, is a small, intimate, and informal place for Jews—most often Hassidic Jews—to pray and gather as a community. We strive for the warm communal spirit of a shtibl at the same time we remain committed to our egalitarian ideals. You can read more about our origins here.