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The Shtibl Minyan is an egalitarian Jewish community and lay-led independent minyan in Los Angeles whose davening attempts to fulfill the joyous Hassidic ideal of “כל עצמותי תאמרנה/with all my limbs I will say praise” (Psalms 35:10).

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Latest Announcements

Simchat Torah at Shtibl October 14, 2014

Join us for a festive Simchat Torah celebration at Shtibl Thursday, October 16, 2014! Ma’ariv will begin at 6:15pm, followed by hakafot and a short Torah reading. This is a long night, full of singing, dancing, eating and drinking—Torah party! Feel free to bring food or drink!

Havdalah and Learning with BCC, Ikar, and Pico Egal October 11 September 19, 2014

BCC, Ikar, Pico Egal and Shtibl are co-sponsoring an afternoon of learning and action October 11 at 5:30 PM at BCC (6090 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90035). We’ll be learning more about American Jewish World Service’s “We Believe” campaign, focused on promoting rights for women, girls, and LGBT people globally. We’ll explore themes of the […]

Shtibl Lunch and Learn September 20th September 10, 2014

Join Nate and Amira for a Shtibl Lunch and Learn on September 20th!  If you are interested in learning, teaching or lunching, please email Amira to save your spot at [email protected].

Free High Holiday Services at Shtibl (Updated) September 9, 2014

The High Holidays are coming soon, and Shtibl is offering full services for free — no asterisks, no restrictions. Just let us know you’re coming by emailing Ra’anan and Paul, our High Holiday coordinators, at [email protected] To help us plan services, tell us which services you want to attend and how many guests you’ll bring. […]

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